Wednesday, May 13, 2009

March 27, 2007

nope. you read right. 
i was looking through some old notebooks and i found this journal that a good friend gave me before i left california. i thought it was going to be a 2 week vacation... it became that one major decision that changed my life for good. read on, hope you pick up a thing or two...

"they say its the journey, not the destination. i say its both. the journey allows you to become a better person, to serve your purpose at your destination. 

2007 began as a crazy year... maybe because its my year... my year to take the journey with my faith & Father. i've always managed to stay in control of everything. contests, business, parties, people... i thought God was at my disposal too. i was wrong. God is in control of me, my life and my future. He holds my blue print, my layout. and although my heart knows it, my head can't seem to grasp it. i can't seem to let go. but God is good. he has let me unravel this mystery and realize that He is at work. i can't see it now, but i can feel it. now the key is to submit my heart and ind to what He is going to do. 

i am sitting at the terminal, waiting to board the plane back to toronto. it's like sitting at the very first car of the roller coaster... exciting & nerve wrecking all at once. "

2 years later, and i am at awe at how the Lord has managed to take hold of my life and my heart. how changed i am, how different i see things. i am still amazed at how He has been so patient and kind, loving me in spite of my imperfection, my sin, my being hard headed. 

2 years later,  i am amazed at how He has blessed me in all areas of my life! i am excited for what the next year holds for me. i am surrendered, at peace and waiting. 


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just an update

so much has happened since my last post. i can't even begin to tell you about the goodness of the Lord in my life. with classes, new clients, orders... ang dami dami talaga. i am now supplying at karton, who happens to be located at like 4 different malls. =) so wonderful talaga. He has brought new people into my life as well. and these new people have impacted my life in a great way. it's amazing. 

someday, i'll be able to talk more about it. but for now, i am praying. praying about this new person. and just how the journey ahead will be a difficult one. i am waiting still for the Lord's leading in my life. other than that, steady lang ako. working away. =) 

thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


i can't seem to think of a title. but i just want to share how thankful i am to God for His faithfulness. that was the message last night at church. Evangelist Bill Hill showed us in the Bible over and over again, how the Lord has promised that He will be faithful to us. 
my prayer is that i will always be faithful to Him, no matter what. 
last night, it was so wonderful how minutes before the service started, He had already answered my prayers! God is truly faithful! 
i can't wait for Him to show me more of the things He has for me to do! 
more to blog tomorrow! =)

Saturday, September 13, 2008


6 months, 8 days, 12 hours since you went away... that's what's singing in my head right now. LSS... last song syndrome kasi! how can someone count those days? i think i stopped counting at a week. i mean if they walk out of your life, they'll find their way back right? if they ever want to come back. 

now, since i did the walking, i won't do the counting. 

anyway, it's been almost 12 hours since the craziest two weeks of my life or 2008 has ended! now that i can count! it was a wonderfully tiring week. from driving back and forth, going up and down the stairs (wow! nicer calves!!), to just making sure everyone had everything they needed. it was so much fun because i was doing it for the best boss of my life.... The Lord! no great earthly rewards, but the heavenly jewels are waaaaaay worth it! 

in between, i've been meeting with rom and top, just discussing our bags and how we need forms for ordering and purchasing the materials. it's so exciting. we're going full force with this project as well, and Lord-willing we will be at the Intercontinental Hotel for a bazaar this coming month!! 

the blouses did great at both bazaars. we are excited about the ones that are coming up very soon! new styles, colors to come!! =) i just have to remember to focus and be patient with all this that is happening... 

here's to a wonderful week!! 

Monday, August 11, 2008


when i first made this blog, i had good intentions about making it my scrappin' blog. but yeah. day to day stuff is here too. i have been creating... as promised. a few layouts here and there. here are a few of my recent layouts. my most favorite one is the one entitled Someday. a good friend of mine snapped it with my camera as we were waiting for the wedding of RnK to start. the picture gives you a sneak peek into my feelings about marriage and settling down. SOMEDAY... i know it'll come. someday. i believe it. as much as i want to be ready for it, there are little things that scare me about it. but someday. someday i'll be ready. and that someday, will be the perfect day. i love how he captured the train of kristen's dress, the lovely flowers, my watch (signifying time) and most importantly, me sitting and waiting patiently! 

the others naman are about my family, my sister and my favorite project in life - spending time with children. 

last year, before robbie got married, we got the chance to go to EK as a family. 4 kami with george (alex's bf) and milli (our inaanak). ang saya saya ko. kasi lahat kami together. we all had a blast talaga. this was the week before jorgie flew off to iloilo and alex naman went back to toronto na. it was important to me kasi nga we were apart as a family since robbie went to college, tapos alex and i went to canada na rin. these moments are truly precious kasi nga it's very difficult to make up for the past. we can only create moments for the future. 

alex is my only sister. and she and i are pretty close. there isn't anything i wouldn't do for her and vice versa. this photo was taken right before the wedding. sobrang puyat kasi sila ni mikee kaka-gimmick that she fell asleep on a chair after the photo shoot. =) 

the last layout is of alex and majorn, an orphan at the sta rita orphanage. every chance i get, i'm there, spending time with the kids. they do have the basics in life, food, shelter, clothing. pero kulang sila sa hugs. there's so much of them and not enough hugs to go around. not enough love. si majorn, sobrang special. lagi yan when she sees me, takbo, talon, akap... ayaw bumitaw!! sobrang sweet. nakakalambot ng puso sobra. 

thanks for taking time to look!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Online Crop

wow. i've always been intrigued by online crops... like what takes place at one of those, who gets to play, etc... grabe. sobrang saya pala. it's like going to a crop without leaving your house. :) you have all your tools and toys at your fingertips. astig. 

anyway, i cropped with ladies from manila and singapore tonight. it was fun! check out the photos of the album that we worked on.